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"Top notch studio here folks! 
          great place, great engineer"​
                               Patrick Nestor 
                                        (The Gypsy Felons)​

2013 - 2014

"The recording and production at PMA is superb, on par with major label recordings" Goodtimes Music Magazine


Some of the talent we have worked with....
Bakithi Kumalo (bassist for Paul Simon, Josh Groban)
​Gerard Barberine Jr (Beatlemania,Strawberry Fields) Steve Interrante ("That 70's Band")
Nat Townsley (Stevie Wonder/ Mariah Carey)
​Morrie Louden (Barbara Streisand)
​Internet Records
​CMJ Music Conference  
FMS WBAB 102.3 FM                   
Cyber FM                  
Indie Power               
Play It Direct            
​A&R Unlimited
''Dirty Sanchez"
​VIG Music
The Music Registry
Jim Moran (Richie Cannata)
​Al Fritsch ( Drive She Said)
Mr. No Shame
Entrophy Jazz
Kevin Burke
Flip Switch
​Button Down Runner
Bad Habits
Haunted Radio
Lisa & The Leftovers
​The Matt & Amy Band
The Joxen
Joyce Sobanski
Goodbye Blue Eyes
Cast In Shadows
Eye Color Orange
Vagabond Garden
Suffolk Horns
Small Island
The Realm
​The Well Dwellers
Vagabond Loafers
​Snappy Even
Artie Foster
​Knight Skreams
The Gypsy Felons
Kevin Anderson
JD Leonard
Joe Castanzo
Axis Unknown
Martini Garden
Jennifer Testa


9 aMSTERDAM avenue

Medford Long Island New York suite 2

                               631 - 875 - 1380

"Excellent creative atmosphere, Great vibe"​
Mike Bona Mix Palace
(Seal, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow )