Some of the talent we have worked with....
Bakithi Kumalo (bassist for Paul Simon, Josh Groban)
​Gerard Barberine Jr (Beatlemania,Strawberry Fields) Steve Interrante ("That 70's Band")
​Internet Records
​CMJ Music Conference  
FMS WBAB 102.3 FM                   
Cyber FM                  
Indie Power               
Play It Direct            
​A&R Unlimited
The Music Registry
Jim Moran (Richie Cannata)
​Al Fritsch ( Drive She Said)
Mr. No Shame
Entrophy Jazz
Kevin Burke
Flip Switch
​Button Down Runner
Bad Habits
Haunted Radio
Lisa & The Leftovers
​The Matt & Amy Band
The Joxen
Joyce Sobanski
Goodbye Blue Eyes
Cast In Shadows
Eye Color Orange
Vagabond Garden
Suffolk Horns
Small Island
The Realm
​The Well Dwellers
Vagabond Loafers
​Snappy Even
Artie Foster
​Knight Skreams
The Gypsy Felons
Kevin Anderson
JD Leonard
Joe Castanzo
Axis Unknown
Martini Garden
Jennifer Testa


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9 aMSTERDAM avenue

Medford Long Island New York suite 2

                               631 - 875 - 1380

2013 - 2014

"The recording and production at PMA is superb, on par with major label recordings" Goodtimes Music Magazine
"Top notch studio here folks! 
          great place, great engineer"​
                               Patrick Nestor 
                                        (The Gypsy Felons)​
"Excellent creative atmosphere, Great vibe"​
Mike Bona Mix Palace
(Seal, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow )